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Monday, March 2, 2009

Duta Palms Resort - Country Homes, Rawang

Located in the clubhouse of Duta Palms Country Resort, where my family frequently go for our weekend badminton games. I decided to take a big leak, without the intention of taking pics at 1st.

After finishing my business, I took a look again, seeing the architecture's pretty unique, I decided to take a couple of images to update here.

I must say, there's the typical odour then I opened the door to the loo, nearly making me turn back out and hold it in. But, nature's call's too strong to ignore, when you've got to go, you've got to go. Upon peeking into the bowl, only to notice the previous 'visitor' did not bother to flush; and thus the reeking odour. After flushing, the smell's pretty much gone.

note: wi-fi signal does not reach to that part of the building!

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The design of the place is pretty much based off the Balinese architecture.

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This is the other part of the clubhouse. Where we go for our shower after games.

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Equiped with lockers, but I hardly use them. Those units at the end of the room are pretty spooky, no one comes here often as it's at the very corner end of the clubhouse.

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The rows of shower rooms. They once had soap dispensers, but have been taken down due to frequent vandalism cases. So, patrons are now asked to bring their own soap.

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It's pretty much the same design here in the shower room's hand wash area.

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I give it thumbs up for the interior design alone, but considering the cleaniness, lighting and an unkept feel of the place, dragging it down to a mere Rank 6.

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Anonymous said...

i heard this club been taken over by malay management now, and it is used for asrama